Festival Of Souls – Rules

1. All participants will need to prepay on the website.

2. If you pack it in you pack it out. Leave the site in better condition than you arrived to it.

3. Only those over 18 will be allowed to camp on the loud side, this rule is firm and we don’t make exceptions.

4. You will have to store your own snacks. The site doesn’t have enough space in the refrigerators. But there is an endless supply of free ice.

5. When getting or asking for ice, do not bother the kitchen witches. Their job is hard enough without having to answer questions during mid-process or you are likely to be cooked.

6. Each dorm room should be cleaned, swept, mopped and the garbage taken out before you leave. There will be a check-out sheet to be turned in at the registration desk.

7. Everyone in each dorm is responsible for the cleaning of the bathroom. Sweep, mop, wipe down counters and take out the garbage.

8. Help out if you see someone needs it.

9. Do not drop cigarette butts or anything on the ground. Please use the proper receptacle or risk being turned into a toad! We will have designated outdoor smoking areas.

10. ALL food items need to be properly disposed of in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster. We’ve had problems with animals scavenging.

11. Check your ego at the gate. Leave the drama to the mundane. Your title won’t get you far here as a guest, so sit back and enjoy the time off.

12. Your children are your responsibility. If you are not watching them then nobody is and if it continues to be a problem you and your child will be escorted from the festival

13. DO NOT under any circumstances feel that you are entitled to yell or discipline a child other than your own. If this happens it is grounds for eviction from the festival.

14. If you’re not med staff, don’t give anyone any medications, Herbal preparations, or over the counter drugs.

15. The only domestic animals allowed at Festival of Souls are service animals. Leave your pets at home.

16. Please respect the park rules. Do not bring alcohol, drugs, knifes, firearms onto the property or you will be immediately escorted to the park rangers and will not be allowed to attend FoS in the future.