About Summerland Grove

Who Are We?

Summerland Grove Pagan Church is a group of people who gather together to learn and practice aspects of Paga religion and life, and enjoy being with others who wish to do the same with respect and tolerance for others. Our Festival of Souls, Sabbats, are all open to the public and we invite local pagans and seekers to join us.*** Our motto is “Celebrating Diversity,” and we intend to be a resource providing information, education and connections in the Mid-South and beyond.

Our Beliefs and Practices

Summerland Grove celebrates a Wiccan-derived calendar of Sabbats, or holidays, and our rituals tend to include elements that are familiar to the wider Pagan community. We align with values such as respect for the Earth and our material as well as spiritual existence. But the traditions, interests, beliefs and paths of our members truly reflect the diversity that we celebrate as we come together in mutual tolerance and respect.

Our membership includes Wiccans and witches from old-school traditionalists to innovative eclectics, but also Reconstructionists and practitioners, believers and students of many traditions, Crafts and (generally non-monotheistic) beliefs. Many of us also worship and practice alone, in our families or as part of a coven or other small group in addition to spending time with our extended church family. We are witches, priests, and priestesses. We are fervent devotees and students of philosophy. We may be guided by our elders, our personal gnosis and inspiration, but also by research and reason. We follow many paths, but those paths cross, so that in our journeys we are not alone.


Our Clergy

Our trained and experienced volunteer ministers serve as ritual leaders, legal officiants for weddings, counselors and teachers. For a list of Clergy click here. If you need counseling or an officiant, please feel free to Contact Us.

Our Board of Directors

These dedicated members, all clergy or having reached the Fourth Realm of training, hold offices that are essential to the continued existence of the church. For a list of current officers, see [link]. If you have an urgent question for the Board, please use the Contact Us page.

The Members’ Council

Want to be more involved with our church, make discussions and plans for more activities to enjoy with fellow pagan? Join the Members’ Council! Ask to join the Summerland Grove Members Council group on Facebook, or send us an email on the Contact Us page.

*footnote or link this to a list of terms that include Pagan, Neopagan, and similar terms

**due to safety, comfort and legality concerns, children and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or have a notarized waiver from such a guardian; talk to a clergy member for details

***keep up with our events by checking our calendar or our open Facebook group